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How it works

Step 1: Identify where your businesses' online reputation currently stands


With a subscription to Lightning Fast Reviews, our industry leading online reputation management software quickly scans through various review sites simultaneously to give you a snap-shot of your online reputation, all in one place. 

Step 2: Generate reviews and Customer Feedback


After identifying where you stand, now is the time to use that software technology to capture more about what your customers think of your service on the core review sites that mean the most to your business’ reputation. 

Step 3: Increase your Online Presence and Reputation


Finally, now that you have gained additional customer feedback, easily post positive customer reviews to your social media accounts or link them directly to your website as testimonials directly from your LFR user dashboard. With LFR, it’s that simple!

WHY it works

At Lightning Fast Reviews, we are excited to be able to say that we offer the BEST online reputation management software. With access to all of your business listings in one place, in addition to fully customizable and tailored features throughout the portal, it has never been easier to obtain, monitor, and share online reviews. 

With LFR, you can manage user permission settings, access the portal on your mobile device, and obtain the best business reporting and user management dashboard in the business, plus much, much more.

Add that to the software with the most available and monitored review sites and what you ultimately get is the number one online business reputation management experience! 

Features & Benefits

Data, Reporting, & analysis

Within your user portal, you'll have access to all that is necessary to track the status of your online reputation including rankings, listings, ratings, and reviews. Use the reports, graphs, and customizable filters to easily analyze various areas of your online reputation.

Review Generation & Custom campaigns

The software allows you to generate reviews from your clients easily via e-mail or text. You simply add the contacts to the platform, select a review campaign and location, and click send. Plus, you can create and customize multiple review flows as you see fit.

600+ Review Sites

With access to more review sites than the competitors (600+ vs. less than 250) you reduce the risk of missing out on review opportunities while handpicking the sites that matter to you!

Dashboard Management

Each member of your team can customize their dashboard widgets to quickly access the information that is most important to them. In addition, you can add your colors and logos into the dashboard and reports to represent your brand.

SEO Impact and Social Media

The software's SEO Impact Analysis measures specific data points that can show you how to increase your SEO ranking. Plus, you can post reviews to your social media pages and website directly from the portal with the click of a button!

Fully Customizable Portal

At LFR, there is no one size fits all approach. Your business is unique so your review management software should be too. Easily customize your portal and review generations with what works for your business model and customers.